Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Gittaa Thomas - Real Nice

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Working toward the release of his upcoming project "Flights To Hawaii", Gittaa Thomas liberates a new single called "Real Nice".

Mpulse - Whole Life

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Half way through his 52 week music series, Mpulse drops a new track with a focus on the chase toward success on "Whole Life".

Kweku Collins - International Business Trip

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Kweku Collins took his talents overseas alongside few Closed Sessions members becoming a now international artist, sort of. Today we get a new track from him called "International Business Trip", bringing his world travels into his music. The whole Closed Sessions crew is hitting the stage March 24th at Metro, tickets are available now.

Legit - ...It's Not A Lexus

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Legit's releases have been far and few in between, but when he drops we're definitely going to press play. He recently dropped off a new song titled "...It's Not A Lexus", press play and enjoy.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Loren Joseph ft. Malcolm London - Slight

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Prod. By CeoBeatz & 5heriff

Logan Cage who now raps as Loren Joseph, no more rap name just real names, teams up with Malcolm London for a new track "Slight".

Joel Q - Never Enough (Video)

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Gotta have the latest Jordan, clothes, chains, in a society that tells you to spend thousands to go to college, in a world where trust can be an issue. Joel Q highlights the flawed thinking that some have with a new video for the song "Never Enough". Will these material things truly keep you satisfied? Watch the video below.

Chris Read & Pugs Atomz - Chocolate Milk / Black Nite (EP)

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Pugs Atomz the Chicago underground veteran and Chris Read the UK DJ and producer come together to form a new duo. The pair plans to release a new album titled "Colo(u)rs Of The World", but decided to offer up something else, a taste of their combination of talents. The duo recently released "Chocolate Milk / Black Nite", a 8 track EP that hits the ears with soulful sounds, smooth raps, and overall head nodding production. They're joined by Mojo Green, Neak, Inari Gold, and Awdazcate. Stream below.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ravyn Lenae - Alive (Video)

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Ravyn Lenae delivers a new visual, teaming up with Zae, relying on simply scenes of beauty combine with perfect lighting for "Alive". If you remember she dropped this standout record late 2016, getting production from Monte Booker. At the moment you can catch her on tour with Noname delivering her heavenly voice to many. Watch the video below.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Smino ft. Jay2 - Blkoscars

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Produced by Monte Booker

Smino enlists Jay2 for a new track "Blkoscars", ahead of the Oscars. With so many Blacks actors getting attention at the award event this new release came just in time. 

Taylor Bennett - Restoration of an American Idol

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At this point in Taylor Bennett's career, he's surely meeting any expectations people have of him as well as kicking out any preconceive notion about his music. So far he's following his own path when it comes to his creating process, but like his brother Taylor his moving independent of a big label. As he's states of this new project "my best work yet", this release is set to provide his fans with some new good music, while demonstrating his value as an artist.

"Restoration of an American Idol" is a 9 track project with only one single release and plenty of notable features. Taylor Bennett enlists Chance The Rapper, Jeremih, Princeton of Mindless behavior, KYLE, Luke Tennyson, Stro, Jordan Bratton, Raury, Supa Bwe, and Lil Yatchy. Stream below.

DGainz - Smoke da Smoke (Video)

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DGainz has announced his plans to release a new project, "Oddball2", the follow-up project from "Oddball". To accompany this new we get a new video from him for the song "Smoke da Smoke", which he edited himself and direct by Flynn Drew. Watch the video below.

G Herbo Drops Freestyle On Funk Flex Show

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When G Herbo is asked to spit some bars he doesn't hesitate, While in New York, he headed to Funk Flex show where he dropped off some raps for a freestyle, continuing to demonstrate why he's a great rapper. Watch below.

Supa Bwe - Bruce Lee

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If there was ever a question as to why Supa Bwe could be one of the next major names out of the city, this new song may answer your question. Supa deliver a new song, from my understanding won't be up on his soundcloud long, called "Bruce Lee". While he has other songs that make the list of music to play when riding or the even start the day, this new release brings a certain amount of energy with notable lines like "I smoke weed cause life sucks".

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Marko Stat$ - Love It

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Marko Stat$ is continuing the flow of new music with his latest "Love It" release. The Aced Spade produced track is being labeled as 'soul vibrations' by some of his fans. Check out the latest from Marko Stat$ here.

Naybahood Announces Project Title & Tracklist + New Video

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Back in November Naybahood release his latest project "Dope Shit Only 3", lead by multiple releases throughout 2016. Prior to that, we post part 2 of the "Dope Shit Only" mixtape series in January, making last year pretty production for Naybahood. Recently he took to Instagram to release the cover art and tracklist of his upcoming project, as well a teaser for his new video. Hosted by DJ Amaris, the upcoming mixtape is titled "Mention Me" and features 10 new track. Watch the new video for "Just Different" below.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Taylor Bennett Says New Project Will Be Released Friday

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So far Taylor Bennett has three prominent project releases "The Taylor Bennett Show", "Mainstream Music", and "Broad Shoulders" with Ludlow. He's garnered a following of his own accord building on a foundation of consistency, good songs, and fan connection. With a brother who's become such a heavyweight in the music world, so far he's avoided major comparison, creating his own path toward success.

From the "Taylor Bennett Show" to "Broad Shoulders", there's been a noticeable growth. From jackin' beats to delivering all original music. Bennett proclaims 'best project yet', and by evidence of progression rightfully so. Last month he starred in a short film that encompassed his last album and is currently heading his own company Tay Bennett Entertainment Inc. About year later from his previous album, he's dropping new project pretty soon, Friday to be exact. This new release is titled "Restoration of An American Idol" and he's springing it on listeners pretty quick, no single has been released that we know. We quite possibly could hear the Stro and Jordan Bartton assisted track "New York" on the upcoming project. Be we'll know Friday.

Femdot - Chi's Interlude

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"You starting to pop, they might leak the raps now", Femdot gets prophetic with new bars over production from Charles Lauste on a track titled "Chi's Interlude".

Dally Auston ft. Qari - Economics

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Dally Auston drops off something new for the listeners, teaming up with Qari for a guest verse and getting production from Mulatto and CEO Beatz.

Lil Durk - Better (Video)

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Not long after dropping the Mp3 of the song, Lil Durk follows up with the video for "Better", directed my Joe Moore Productions. Watch below.

Mpulse - In The Field

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With Keef Boyd, Don Cannon, and Lyle LeDuff on the production Mpulse keeps the series of releases coming. For his latest release, we get Mpulse over a beat that knocks in the speakers, dropping raps with a gritty flow to show us where he's at with it, on "In The Field". This is week 25 of the ambitions 52-week series, stay tuned for more.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Supa Bwe ft. Kembe X - Black Aladdin

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At some point, two Chicago artist connected for the creation of a song that garnered production from Hippie Sabotage. Supa Bwe and Kembe X join forces for a song called "Black Aladdin", where the Bwe Supa and the man X delivers all the 'majik'. 

C. Rich - Perfectly Imperfect (Video)

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Directed, Shot and Edited by J. Krown

C. Rich aims to demonstrate his worth, letting it be known that he's "Perfectly Imperfect", for this new song and video produced by C-Sick. As Rich explains it, "On February 20th, 2016, she said yes and I became the happiest guy in the world. One year, a beautiful baby and a marriage later... I'd like to present to you guys Perfectly Imperfect". It's a celebratory release for a happy couple and a lovely family. Watch the video below.

Lil Durk - Better

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During a live video where he was behind the scene shooting a music video, Lil Durk liberated a new song called "Better", produced by Donis Beats.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Air Credits & Sims - Gear Shiftn (Video)

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ShowYouSuck and Sims are in a distance future in a dystopia land for their new video to the song "Gear Shiftn". They team up with TJ Tambellini and Mike Ruggirello for a visual that coincides with the story of Air Credits sound. Catch them riding dirty in a dune buggy below.
"AIR CREDITS is music from the not too distant future, when the planet’s water supply has all but ceased, the landscape turning to desert, the desert turning to wasteland. Radio stations worldwide have been transformed into climate controlled compounds, guarded heavily by their surrounding communities not only to maintain communique with the declining population, but to preserve music new and old."

Navarro - Hunger of Memory

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The veteran, the mentor, and emcee Navarro returns with a new single, with production from Custom and Serious. We get a bit of the Mexican experience in America with soundbites of how immigrants were systematically treated. Navarro brings the lens of this story to his perspective dropping raps of the different things he experienced and seen while celebrating his culture on "Hunger of Memory. 

Malcolm London premieres new song with collective BAD CXMPANY

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Malcolm London's movements have been ones to watch, as he's dropped a new project that garnering much attention for it. We've also seen his work as an activist in Chicago, joining Billboard for a documentary that dives in ways to help improve the city. Today he returns to the music with some friends, dropping off a track called "Wonderfull". He's teamed up with producer/pianist EB, producer/DJ/bassist Timmy V, and drummer Marcus Anthony Johnson, to form BAD CXMPANY.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Billionaire Black - Pressure (Mixtape)

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Billionaire Black's rap career sees more life with each release. Though he has yet to reach major success, Black has stayed on the path of consistency. Teaming up with Ydot Gdot, Billy drops off a new mixtape called "Pressure", a 12 track project filled with bangin' beats and usual collaborators. We'll hear raps from FBG Duck, Famous Dex, King Yella and more. Stream and download below.

Mick Jenkins releases limited capsule collection

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Back in September of 2016, Mick Jenkins released his album "The Healing Component" or THC for short. During the duration of his project, Mick Jenkins put a large focus on 'spreading love', with dialogue discussion about love and its different forms. In relation to the album's title, the love was supposed to the be a part of that healing component, something that counteracts hate.

Jenkins has been releasing merch with the message of "Spread Love", teaming up with Fat Tiger Workshop for the first release. He recently dropped off new shirts and a jean jack as part of spread love campaign that's accompanied by the tagline 'tag your local hater, grabbing directly from one of the most feel-good record on the "THC" album.

Check out what he has to offer below.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

B8gie Foo' ft. MightyLee - Whole Damn Life

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B8gie Foo's influence of Cash Money at this point should be no surprise, so when he drop he gives proper respect to the now legends in the game. After releasing his 2 part project "The Hot Boy B8gie Project", at the top of last year and end of 2015, the Foo' is back with new music. An ode to Big Tymers' "How You Luv That", he teams up with MightLee, Birdman's nephew, for a track called "Whole Damn Life". Also happy birthday Birdman.

L.A. VanGogh - Changed My Number (Video)

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One of my favorite songs from 2016 gets new life through video. LA VanGogh and AmbI Lyrics dropped off the single "Changed My Number", which we would end up hearing on a project called,  "safeNsound Presents L.A. VanGogh". He recently released the video for the single, inspired by a real situation, teaming up with HOTC TV with animation from Pat Banahan. Watch the video below.

Xavier & The Thrill - Castles

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"I don't really do Valentines cards, I love you tho", Xavier explains with the release of a new track called "Castles". Release for the love in the air V-Day shit, he gets production from Bird Language, for the special some one that could be by his side.

eGo Jaleel - WYT (Video)

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Back in October eGo dropped off this track, produced by The25thHour, called "WYT"(What You Thinking). He recently teamed up with High Vision Films for the a visual addition to the single, where things get a big grim due to infidelity. Watch below.

Hear 2 New Songs From King Louie

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King Louie with blunt

Yesterday, February 14th, King Louie released two new tracks while the love was in the air. The first of the two is "Golden" featuring Leek and produced by Mr. Incredible. The second track gets Bread Doe and Jessie Reyez on "R&B", produced by Jack Flash. Listen below.

Tink & G Herbo - Mine

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If only you were "Mine", Tink and G Herbo team for a song that brings a atmosphere of love and wanting over production from Cookin' Soul.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Griffen - Assassin's Toolkit (Video)

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Bar'd up and charged up, Griffen is back with a new single and video. He's preparing to drop off a new project next month called "FOLKLORE", teaming up with producer Deka Derse for the backdrop to the project. For this new video Griff represents hard for Hip Hop and Chicago dropping modern boom bap while waving the city's flag high, with visual direction from Birds Eye View. Watch below.

BoneLang returns with their new project "Venn Diagrams: Pt. I"

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The upcoming duo who definitely has grown on me, BoneLang, is a group comprised of Matt Bone and Samy Language. Now with 4 projects under their belt, they have a considerable amount of music that shows just who they are musically right now. Their 2015 EP, "Pleasure Palace", was Just another demonstration of how well these two worked together as they're time creating with each other goes far back to childhood.

Prior to releasing the single "Mushroom Moon", the duo hadn't release any new music but have been hitting the stage in various venues. But fans of their music know that this new project was coming since before the release of "Set Theory". Today BoneLang presents "Venn Diagrams Pt. 1", a 6 track project that features ShowYouSuck, Vegaz Taelor, and Amanda Huff.

"Venn Diagrams Pt. 1" is a continuation of their genre bending style of music, combining multiple elements of pop, electronic, Jazz, and Hip Hop while delivering lyrics with vivid imagery. Stream and download below.

Lud Foe - Ghetto Love

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Lud Foe tells story of a different type of love with a new song called "Ghetto Love", happy Valentine's Day. Listen below.

Jimmy Pham releases new EP, titled "Room 202"

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Chicago native Jimmy Pham just released his project, "Room 202". After spending 2 years with the band, Enough For Now, JP decided it was time to give his own solo career a shot in 2016. "Room 202" proves that decision was a good one. With his unique style of blending pop melodies and R&B vibes with heartfelt lyrics, JP definitely is a standout artist.

"Room 202" tells the story of how a good relationship can end badly because of one person's disrespectful actions. This EP starts with the track "FVCES", which JP talks about the girl he loves and how he feels about being without her. However that all changes by track two, "NO MRE", Jimmy Pham wants nothing to do with that same girl anymore. Then we get to the last song, "ON MY MIND" and JP sings his heart out about how he obviously still can not get this girl off his mind. With short skits between each track, "Room 202" EP is honestly like a short film and we are getting to hear how this situation plays out from beginning to end.

Jimmy Pham proves that taking risk is a good thing. Since becoming solo he has slowly been building a strong fan base, "Room 202" is not only a great project because of his vocals or the production from different producers but because it literally tells a story that many people will be able to relate to. Click the link below to check it out.

Follow him on Twitter; @JimmyPhamMusic

Mpulse - Skylines

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Mpulse comes through with another release from his 52-week series and it so happens to fall on V-Day. This time around he handles the production himself, on a song that where he's "Ridin' through the city all night just looking for you…"

Monday, February 13, 2017

Pavy - Sincerely, Caesar (EP)

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Surprise, Pavy is back with new music, a series of unreleased song packed as an EP titled "Sincerely, Caesar". Possibly recorded during the time of creating the project "R.O.M.E.", just reaching for correlation between the two, Pavy delivers a 4 track tracklist to get an early start on Valentine's Day. With the lone feature from C. Rich, the love is in the air on this, as Pavy states, "Just some songs dedicated to women, I wanted to do something for Valentine's Day so this is my gift to all the women out there I hope you enjoy it". Stream below.

BLACK$ (PAEday X 7°) - "Birth Of A Nation" [Official Video]

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REN(Respected. Educated. Nation)  rapper PAEday and producer 7° just released a new video for their song "Birth Of A Nation". PAEday's last few releases have been party tracks filled with punch lines and crazy energy. However, on this song, he slows it down and delivers an amazing song for Black History Month. "Birth Of A Nation" is filled with uplifting words and encourages people to remember that they are Queens and Kings. This video was co-directed by Demus Media and QUEZ and they did an outstanding job of featuring some amazing historic black imagery in this video. Everything from Dave Chappelle to Malcolm X. "Birth Of A Nation" is just another example of how great REN truly is. Click the link above to check it out.

Follow them on Twitter: @IsItPAEday & @7degREEscolds

Bebe O'Hare & Jay ILLa - Like

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With smooth soulful production from Jay iLLa under her, Bebe O'Hare drops off this new track for her Monday music series, called "Like".

BJ The Chicago Kid Drops New Single, "Roses"

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With multiple Grammy nominations under his belt, BJ The Chicago Kid has set himself as an R&B artist to expect great things from. Though he didn't take home any awards, his voice is still one to behold, which he demonstrate with a new single. The Motown signee drops off a song called "Roses", available on iTunes and more now. Stream below.

Chance The Rapper Wins 3 Grammy Awards + Live Performance

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Grammy night was a big night for two artists we've covered from Chicago. BJ The Chicago Kid and Chance The Rapper were up to win awards in multiple categories. BJ had put out a great album, "In My Mind", that demonstrated his ability to provide the ears with good soulful R&B music with plenty of inspiration from the greats. Chance The Rapper broke barriers with the release of "Coloring BooK", his official third solo release that saw him catapult to even bigger stardom.

Last night's festivities were huge for Chance The Rapper, as he coincidentally took home 3 awards to match that number on his hat. While BJ The Chicago Kid didn't win a Grammy last night it doesn't change the fact that he's still helping bring back traditional R&B to the forefront.

Fighting for the reconistion of indie artist who don't have a big label backing, Chance The Rapper found ways to rally his fanbase getting them involved in the process spreading his sound. While there are some who would say that the rapper his secretly signed to record label or has some big backing, there has yet to be any concrete proof of that. He took the initiative to help get the ear of radio and fought to be recongnized at the Grammy's.

Overall the Chicago artist recieved 7 nods and taking home three in for best new artist, rap album and rap performance. Watch his live performance aka victory lap below.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Watch new video from DinnerWithJohn Feat. Lil Poppy, "I Know"

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Wednesday, February 8th, we lost a member of the artist community, 'The Prince of PIVOT', and Friend DinnerWithJohn also as known John Walt. We send our condolences out to his family and friends. We'll continue to celebrate the life of Walt and what he brought to Chicago music. In remembrance, a new video was released where DinnerWithJohn and Lil Poppy teamed up for a song called "I know", shot by JBro Bugatti for HOTC TV.

Lupe Fiasco - DRAGOS Light (Album)

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Lupe Fiasco's start as an indie artist begins with a new album called "DRAGOS Light". Though he's continued to make the point of quitting rap, that talk may have been out of frustration. On the flip side, many fans have also felt some frustration due to the fact that Lupe's inconsistency with his plans, creating high expectation for the number of projects. For the "DRAGOS" project Lupe presents a 14 track effort, with features from Ty Dolla $ign, Big KRIT, Rick Ross and more. Stream below.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Hear Thelonious Martin & Saga's New Single "Karma" Feat. Freddie Gibbs + "A Dozen For Dilla" BeatTape

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Saga and Thelonious Martin are preparing the fans for a project release titled "Molotov". This duo has already made available three singles which include "Yesterday", "Where We Live" and the latest "Karma". Martin presents sounds filled with sampled vocals for a bit of soul while Saga and Freddie Gibbs brings their respective styles and stories to life on this latest single. Saga raps of struggles toward to success while dismissing those who doubted him. Freddie Gibbs hits on his recent troubles, speaking on how he almost had his freedom taken. "Molotov" is set for a February 17th release date, but you can pre-order now on iTunes.

Prior to that single release, Thelonious Martin dedicated a whole project to J Dilla. Dilla's day, February 7, Martin dropped off an instrumental project to celebrate the life and legacy of one of his biggest if not the biggest influence on his career has a music producer. Stream the full project below.

RMB Justize ft. Otti - Offkey

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The producer and rapper RMB Justize is one of those guys who keeps consistently deliver new material. He continues to load his soundcloud with new instrumentals then turns about and drops some good raps. RMB recently release a new track team upcoming up with Otti, with production handled alongside Sledgren for a song titled "Offkey". 

Chief Keef ft. Tadoe & Ballout - Reload (Video)

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Chief Keef brings the Glo members Tadoe and Ballout for a new video where they're bus bound, on the road touring, for "Reload". Watch below.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lucki - New To Me

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New music out now and a new video on the way for the song "Options", Lucki get production from Lil Voe for this new track "New To Me".