Thursday, March 31, 2016

Demetrius G ft. MFnMelo & Ciana Millian - Can't Go

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Great production and a message of never letting someone tell you what you can't do, Demetrius G drops a new single. PIVOT Gang's MFnMelo joins him, as singer Ciana Millian handles the chorus on "Can't Go". Expect to hear this on Demetrius' up coming EP "Saints".

Kanye West ft. Sampha - Saint Pablo

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Kanye West gets Sampha for a new track, delivering his truth on "Saint Pablo". He raps of his debt, twitter and how people question his sanity, aspiration in art, and more. West brings listeners a very honest track release, as he continues to update "TLOP".

YL & B8gie Foo' - City Of Wind

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The B8gie Foo' and YL join forces for track that was believed to be a lost, but now is found. With production from D. Rich, these two artist deliver their respective perspectives on the loved "City Of Wind".

March Album & Mixtape Recap

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See all the albums, mixtapes, EPs, we posted for the month of March, and make sure to download your favorites.

3 Releases You Should Checkout: March

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Things have gotten busy over here at CCHH so last month's Pick Three was nonexistent. For March we bring it back, the feature where three releases are reintroduced to the readers for a end of the month post. Chicago continues to produce great artist and music monthly, whether those out side city limits know it or not. As always, one writer, three post, no honorable mentions, fuck a long list. Checkout these releases that you may or may not have missed, but should listen to again.

Saint Millie - Hit My Line

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Produced by Oak Street Media, Saint Millie keeps the new music coming with a another release called "Hit My Line".

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A-Hi - Check The Rhime (Video)

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A Tribe Called Quest's Phife Dawg pasted away last week from compilation from diabetes. He leaves behind family, friends, and the many emcees he influenced, and will be remember as a Hip Hop legend in the culture. One of those emcees influence by him is Chi's A-Hi, who delivers a tribute over classic 'Tribe' production for "Check The Rhime". Watch the video below.

Towkio and Joey Purp - Body Bags Freestyle (Video)

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While in Texas for SXSW, Audiomack set up shop to bring artist through their studio. Two of these were SaveMoney's Towkio and Joey Purp who delivered a freestyle called "Body Bags".

Kweku Collins ft. Jamila Woods - Ego Killed Romance

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The 'ego', often confused with confidence more so focused on self importance, which can prevent one from giving love where its need. Kweku Collins delves in to this, not being able to come with the love, using very colorful delivery to describe what he can't provide at the moment. Jamila Woods join him, presenting us with vocalize softness on "Ego Killed Romance". This is the third single from his upcoming project "Nat Love", which is ready for pre-order right now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Anthony Pavel - Windows (EP)

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Anthony Pavel, a artist you might have seen on YouTube, singing covers a year or two ago, featured on tracks with Saba, MFn Melo and A$AP Rocky, now aims to stand on his own. He's looking to rise in notoriety at a singer through his project titled "Windows", which is a five track EP of smooth jams. He gets Saba for a feature and production from Ken Ross, Dylan Frank, and Cory Grindberg, Listen to the full project below.

Lupe Fiasco - Express

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What wasn't expected, Lupe Fiasco jumps on the Future sound-a-like, Desiigner's popular track "Panda". This one is just a "Express" track to promote his upcoming album "Drogas", which doesn't have a release date as of yet. Lupe delivers raps that definitely makes a person hungry for the casual Chinese Restaurant. 

Lil Durk - If I Could (Video)

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Durk deliver a new reflective video, heads to the church, for the song "If I Could". He recently announced that he would be dropping a new project in the near future with the title "Lil Durk2x". Watch the video below.

Nathan Knew - Extra Comfy

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"The comfort level of a certain hoe has reached its limit", say Nathan Knew as he delivers a new track release. The rugged voice spitter gets a hold of production from BirdieBandsBeats for that trap, hard banging sound to hit listeners with "Extra Comfy".
"I can never love her coming from the gutter drugs up on the corner liquor stores and churches I see crosses burning I see daughters working, I see fathers hurting gotta go and get it" -NathanKnew 

Max Wonders - Utopia

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Prod. Latrell James

Max Wonders follows up from his single "Grow Up", with the second single "Utopia". He's been getting the listeners ready for his upcoming project "Hues to Blames". We're hearing a continued concept from the first single to the next, center on youth. Where "Grow Up" sounds to focus on the fear of losing youth, "Utopia" aims to takes us to a youth place of remembrance through music.

Grab Wonders' new single on iTunes now.

Rockie Fresh - The Night I Went To ... Chicago (EP)

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The Chicago rapper returns ... to Chicago, in his mixtape series "The Night I Went To...". Earlier this month we heard the second installment, or the first depending on how you look at, with 'Los Angeles'. The latest release hold one track more than the last, with five songs getting production from B Carr, Mike Daley, Mitchell Owens, with features from BJ The Chicago Kid. Listen below.

White Gzus - Hoody Hoo

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After announcing the fourth installment of "Stackin N Mackin", White Gzus liberates a new track. With a ode to C-Murder, the duo takes on production from Shawn Azzarelli who flips TRU's "Hoody Hoo" to bring it into 2016.

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Boy Illinois ft. Alpha - Back Again (Video)

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A relaxed and chilled flow in the in the sense of how the production presents its self, The Boy Illinois drops a new video for "Back Again". Continuing to drop great music, like what we heard on "DuSable" and projects before that, Illi is definitely one artist we're losing the 'up next' title and telling you to catch up if you're just tuning in. For this track and visual, he teams up with Alpha, repping the DMV, over production from Markiz Rey with video direction from YSe. The Boy Illinois has been touring, hitting the stage with Lupe Fiasco and soon he'll be hitting the stage along side Jay Electronica at Metro Chicago this upcoming Sunday. Watch the video below.

Gittaa Thomas - Tommy Hilfiger (Video)

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Gittaa Thomas is working on a few new thing with music and running a line of hats. From what we hear he has a plenty of new singles coming and he kicks it off with a new video for a song called "Tommy Hilfiger". Watch the below.

Chi City - Untitled

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No titled needed for this one. Chi City returns with a new track, getting production from Deafh, for a feel good song on life.

See What Chicago Artist Are Up For The XXL Freshmen Class

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Photo credit XXL
The time of XXL's Freshmen Class rolls around again. And like always there's talk and wonder of who's going to be on it. For the 2016 class there are a ton of artist to choose from, and for the last few or more they've left it up to the fans to vote for the 10th spot. As anyone with common sense knows this is a Chicago blog focusing on the local scene so why not pinpoint the few from the city who are amongst the many.

Scroll below to see the Chicago artist up for the 2016 class then head over to XXL to vote.

MFnMelo - S.W.S MFnUntitled

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What better way to announce something than through new music. MFnMelo announces that the "flood gate are open", and promises the "MeloDramatics" project will drop soon. Its been some time since he's dropped and make that return on a MFnMonday over a Kendrick Lamar track, delivering a rendition called "S.W.S. MFnUntitled". Want to hear more? Catch him live on stage at The Promotory located at 5311 s Lake Park Ave 9pm-2am 18+ $10 advance $15 doors.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spenzo ft. Tory Lanez - I Want You

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Spenzo teams up with another rising artist, Tory Lanez, for a new track called "I Want You", over production from C-Sick.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Rich Jones - Call First (Video)

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Fuck a day job, a sentiment shared by many artist, writers, and entrepreneur. An artist, Rich Jones, has been living by those four words for some time now, delivering music to his fans as a full time creator. He release a full project, called "Pink Slips", inspired by it, and today we get the first video from said project. "Call First", shot by Katie Levine, get the bearded emcee hitting dance moves, as he drops raps that at its core encourages us to follow our dreams and prosper. Watch the full video below.

Roy Smooth - Graveyard

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It been some time since we heard new music from him but the hiatus comes to an end with the release of "Graveyard". Roy has been behind the scenes working on new music and handling life, but returns with a plan. He has a couple projects on the way. Today we post the first single from an EP called "Free". Press play and drop a comment below.

Lucki - Son of Sam (EP)

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During the last couple of month of 2015 Lucki hit fans with a wave of music his called "Freewave", which was bundle into a project. Before that he dropped "X", make the whole year a pretty production time for him. Now he's back with another project titled "Son of Sam", a seven track EP featuring A$AP Ant and Da$h. Listen to the full release below.

Abstrak Mind - Life's Just Peachy (Video)


2 years ago Abstrak Mind presented us with his album release "Still Painting", a follow up from his project "A Paint Thought". 2 years later A.M. is delivering a new video from "Still Painting", and the music is still just as fresh as if it dropped yesterday. He's creating good music that's built to last. "Life's Just Peachy", gets a visual addition and direction from Leondotcom of Mudwing Media, painting a stark picture of gun violence, while the song its self delves into society ills, questioning ones own beliefs, and pointing out how at times this world can could. Watch the video below.

Supa Bwe ft. Mick Jenkins - Breakfast & Chill

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Some how he manages to not burn himself, mentally and with the fans, as he continues to deliver new music.  Supa Bwe keeps its real, getting straight to point with a new track called "Breakfast & Chill", that finds him wanting intimacy after being on the road. Mick Jenkins join in with his heavy voice delivery, with production from Shepard.

Chief Keef - Faneto (Video)

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Its been some time since he dropped the single "Faneto", a track that became popular and controversial for its lyrics. At least in New Jersey. With his crew of course we get a video that signifies Keef's wildness with slight facial transformation, directed by J.R. Saint. Watch the full video below.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mpulse & NorCal Nick - If I Was You

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Prod. by Lyle LeDuff

NorCal Nick and Mpulse, a Cali and Chi connections, are teaming up for a new project called "Will Write For $". Today the two present their first release and single aimed at the haters but show some understanding on "If I Was You".

Footaction Family Cypher #OwnATX, Feat. Rotimi , Taylor Bennett, Sylvan LaCue, LA VanGogh

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While in Austin Texas Footaction team up with a few artist for a cypher. What Rotimi , Taylor Bennett, Sylvan LaCue, and LA VanGogh drop their verses with DJ Millz on the 1&2s.

Ice Cube & Common - Real People

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Ice Cube and Common team up for new track from the 'Barber Shop' 3 movie sound track. Once competitors now working together in movies and music, press play on the new track titled "Real People".

BJ The Chicago Kid ft. Kendrick Lamar - The New Cupid (Video)

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BJTCK presents his new video for the song "The New Cupid". Joining him is Kendrick Lamar, as we see Hannibal Buress playing cupid, a mischievous cupid who drinks among other things. Watch the how the job of cupid has changed below.

Ronnie Ronnie ft. MRB - Let It Out

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Ronnie Ronnie has been on the move, working on his new project while dropping new track to keep the listeners listening. Today we get a new track from the producer/singer, teaming up with Detriot's MRB. When there's deep hurt, Ronnie and MRB encourages her to just "Let It Out". Press play, enjoy, and comment below.

Saint MIllie - Lets Get High

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Prod. by Lucas G

Like a hippie at Woodstock, Saint Millie is feeling as free as a bird with a new track release called "Lets Get High".

Andru Mars ft. Naybahood - Exchange

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Bryson Tiller's is a crooner who is rising in notoriety as a singer, and his particular production choice his one to take note of. Smooth trap beats that rapper could definitely feel in their element. Andru Mars decides to take on the Trap Soul sound teaming up with Naybahood for their own rendition of "Exchange".

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Giftz - Mirrors (EP)

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After some time with out releasing music Giftz makes that much needed return with a new project. We've come to know him musically as an emcee who bring raw lyrics with a street experience. At one point he teamed up with ESGN, but that was short lived, but its good see that a situation that didn't work out completely slow him down.

He marks the return with a EP titled "Mirror", which off back sound reflective of his life. Holding six songs, Giftz drops raps over production from J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, Zaytoven, C-Sick, Rozart, and Xtreme. Stream below and get the full project on iTunes.

Giftz - Mirrors Intro

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I seems Giftz took time off to deal with some things in life, but he's back and there's a new project. He's preparing to drop "Mirror", a project with not many detail but has a strong intro track. A emcee with hard bars of a life lived through street experience, its good to hear Giftz is back at it.

Qari - Black Yamasaki

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Qari and Mulatto Beats continues to drop off new music, after a number of release these past few week. Today we their latest titled "Black Yamasaki", a very relaxed sound as Qari delivers lyrics of a chill ride feeling that he's in his element.

Murph Watkins - Open Book Freestyle (Video)

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Toward the end of 2015 we talked to Murph Watkins about upcoming projects and the work he's done with Christian Lou in a Q+A. He talked about working on a new project that was untitled, but today he ends his hiatus so we'll assume that we're closer to hearing what being created. Today we get a new track called "Open Book Freestyle", produced by Christian Lou, with a flow hat on point.

For the video Murph head out around town on a bright night, as he gets his thoughts off. Watch the video for he song below.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Chella H - No Filter (Mixtape)

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Long awaited and holding nothing back, Chella H presents her new mixtape "No Filter". She takes on numerous production and gives fans some original music as well, including singles "Options" and "Fleek". Holding nineteen tracks, stream the full project below.

Twista Hits The Road for "Livin' Legend" Tour

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December 2015, Twista dropped off a new EP "Livin' Legend", a seven track project continuing to prove a strong independent grind. Under his GMG imprint the Chicago legend is will be hitting multiple cities across the country for a Spring 2016 Tour. Its kicks off next month in Alaska, if you're city is on the list, don't miss out head over to to get tickets.

Chris Crack drops new songs "GanG" & "Foul On The Play"

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The work ethic of Chris Crack is one to take note of and these latest tracks are the evidence. Crack delivers two new tracks back to back, with the usual abrasive style of spitting, called "GanG" and "Chris Crack". Listen to both below.

Slot-A - With Love (Instrumental EP)

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From Slot-A "With Love", the producer, DJ, emcee, is no stranger to delivering new instrumentals to the fans artist, now he's back with more. Presenting sounds that include House, Hip Hop, Soul, Techno, combining them for instrumentals with complex mixtures. Something of a mad scientist with it. Today you can enjoy his latest production project and make a purchase. Stream it all below.

Joel Quentez - All The Same

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Joel Quentez grabs some Tripz Traxxx production for a new track with a west coast feel. This mellow song centers on want a woman with some ambition on "All The Same". Expect his new project "Tunnel Vision" to drop soon.

TLNTD - Fwiendz

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 Since dropping his 2014 album "At The Crib Wit My OG", he took a hiatus which I'm assuming by the re-branding of his rap career, was to reflect on his next move. TLNTD, shorten from TalentedAsKB, made a return with a clear vision in mind, and boy his he making his next move his best move. We're getting more polish records and great art as he gets fans ready for a new project.

"Real n*ggas standing on 10", TLNTD is back with another single to follow-up from "Stylin". He taking over Tuesday for a music series which he kicked off at the beginning of the month. Today we another single that centers on the fellowship of those close. Listen to "Fwiendz" below.

Hundred Waters ft. Chance The Rapper - Show Me Love: Skrillex Remix (Video)

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Hundred Waters' "Show Me Love" remix, get the visual addition, with plenty of cameos and fun filled scenes. Watch the video below.

Hundred Waters ft. Chance the Rapper, Moses Sumney & Robin Hannibal - Show Me Love (Skrillex Remix)

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Skrillex and Chance The Rapper have some work they've put in together and I assume and hoping there's more music fromt he the two. Now its starting to come out, sometime ago there was a track teased, the "Show Me Love" remix from Hundred Waters. The track also features Moses Sumney and Robin Hannibal, Chance delivers a great verse. Listen to the full track below.

Esohel - React

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With track art that representative of his thoughts of Donald Trump, Esohel drops off a new track. He teams up with PLA, who deliver production that should be play at the highest of volumes. Esohel seems to be on the move, maybe he's working on a new project, but until we know sit back press play and enjoy "React".

Chella H - Real Shit (Video)

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Chella's new mixtape, "No Filter", drops really soon, probably minutes from this me posting this. But none the less her she here with a new video for a track from the project, where she takes on Jeezy's "Trap or Die". Watch the video below.