Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Explore the mind of Kai, The Mind on new EP titled "Don't Mind Me"

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Kai, The Mind has finally released his project "Don't Mind Me". Fans have been waiting for this project for a while and after Kai dropped his single "OMW (Ride II)" the anticipation for this project was at an all time high,

"Don't Mind Me" features some truly amazing production and while every track is unique, this EP flows flawlessly. Along with the great production, Kai lyrically stepped into a lane of his own with this project. Tracks like "Vice City 2" proves that he is an amazing storyteller and then he delivers tracks like "OMW (Ride II)" which he displays how he can make a catchy song for the radio but still remain lyrical. "Don't Mind Me" is only 7 tracks long but Kai does so much with those 7 tracks.

Kai, The Mind further proves that Chicago is one of the most talented cities in the world. "Don't Mind Me" gives listeners a chance to explore Kai's mind and he is completely open, He's going to be an amazing talent to watch this year because he's only getting better. Click the link below to check out "Don't Mind Me" EP.

Lud Foe - My Ambitions As A Rider (Video)

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Invoking the spirit of 2Pac, if only in the title of the song, Lud Foe delivers new video for the song "My Ambitions As A Rider", produced by Kidwonder. Watch the video below.

Rockie Fresh - Pray 4 Me (Video)

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Rockie Fresh brings an spiritual elements to the music, as teams up with APJ Films for the video to "Pray 4 Me". Watch below.

Mpulse - Show It Off

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22 songs in, Mpulse is back with another release for his weekly music series, getting production from Tec Beatz, for a song titled "Show It Off".

Femdot - soul. (Video)

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If you've been paying attention, then you've surely peeped what Femdot has been doing, keeping things consistent with his music. He's released a series of projects that pretty much elude to something big that possibly coming in the near future. Today he return to the project release "fo(u)r", dropping a new video for the song "soul.", directed by Zachary Gregory. Watch the video below.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Qari drops 2 new songs, "Night Shade" & "Pressure"

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With "Space Jam" still pretty fresh in the ears, Qari keeps the new sounds coming with 2 release in the late night. He gets production from 5heriff for a song called "Night Shade" for the first track. On the second track, he himself handles the production alongside Mulatto with a feature from TrellDaShoota, on "Pressure".

Barclay Crenshaw ft. The Cool Kids - U Are In My System

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The Cool Kids join Barclay Crenshaw, who's a "upcoming acid bass pioneer", for a new track called "U Are In My System".

Ju - Funeral

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Wasted Ju returns with new music, dropping off a single titled "Funeral", getting production from Zach Farache.

N.E.P.H.E.W ft. Hope - United

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It's been a shit show since the new president took office, making moves that many Americans find to be not in the best interest of the country. One thing Trump has accomplish is uniting many citizens to raise their voice against the wrongs of this new administration. As expected music continues to reflect the current atmosphere of the country, as N.E.P.H.E.W drops off a new song titled "United". We get an anthemic song the features the warming voice of a songstress Hope who sings "undivided, we will stand united, and we'll keeping on fighting". N.E.P, delivers strong word toward bringing people together in effort to rise above it all.

Sylvan LaCue ft. Saba - Best Me (Remix)

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Saba links with Florida rapper Sylvan LaCue to drop a verse on his "Best Me" Remix track. The smooth melodic instrumental really does fit Saba's flow, it makes sense why he was chosen to kick off the remix for LaCue. These two hit the road together on tour, which kicks off March 3rd in Seattle.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Watch Chuck Inglish as Clarence & Sir Michael Rocks as Lance Bingemton on 'SHITSHOW'

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Earlier this month The Cool Kids and Jimmy Regular announce that they would be joining forces to bring to life a project called "SHITSHOW". They made it clear that it would be a comedy sketch show, but now we get to see them in action. Sir Micheal Rocks dons a wig and a mustache as Lance Bingemton. He hits the streets to talk to the people and interview their first guest Pouya. Chuck Inglish gets into character as a Westside super start, as Uncle Clarence with movies on disc.

Watch The Cool Kids get into character below.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Naybahood - Written LIT (Video)

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Great lyric and hard flow, Naybahood drops off a new video for a track titled "Written Lit", teaming up with Rickee Arts for visual direction. Watch below.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Lupe Fiasco ft. Rick Ross & Big K.R.I.T - Tranquillo

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Lupe Fiasco continues his campaign toward the release of "DRAGOS Light". He recently dropped his latest single getting Rick Ross and Big KRIT for guest verses, on "Tranquillo".

The Boy Illinois - On The Road

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Illi drops off some quality raps in dedicate to his grandfather, jack for beats with a rendition of "T-Shirt" from Migos.
RIP Henry Walton. ESC - The Boy Illinois

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lil Durk - They Forgot (Video)

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A reminder to those who might have forgotten, Lil Durk dropped a project called "They Forgot", back in November of 2016. Today we get a visual for the title track shot by Rio Productions. Watch below.

Qari & Mulatto - Latrell Sprewell Freestyle (Video)

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Last week Qari and Mulatto present the fans with a new EP, something many had been looking forward to from these two. Now we get a new video from the project "Space Jam", teaming up with YAKUB Films for the visual direction on "Latrell Sprewell Freestyle". Watch below.

King Samson - Sins (Video)

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King Samson gets reflective with a new video that lay out what he's been through on a song called "Sins". Watch below.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Billionaire Black - How I'm Bummin' (Video)

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New Billionaire Black in 2017, yep, and he drops a video for the song "How I'm Bummin", shot by Camera Lord. Watch below.

Taylor Bennett Releases "Broad Shoulders" Short Film

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December 2015, we heard Taylor Bennett premier his album "Broad Shoulders", teaming up with Ludlow for the production. Holding  guest verses, including, King Louie, Joey Purp, Brill, Chance That Rapper, Logan Parks, and more, the project symbolized his growth as an artist and maturity as a person. Since its release we've heard Bennett on multiple projects and loose songs, like many artist, opting to take his time before the next big release comes.

Now in 2017, we get a short film to expand on the album, also called "Broad Shoulders". Presented by Tay Bennett Entertainment and 6th Floor, Taylor Bennett stars as a main character, centered on a young couple going through the motions of a relationship that hits plenty big bumps. "After a night of mistakes, embarrassments, and understanding the boy must choose what is right for him and if what's been done can be forgiven", depicting real life situation. Watch below.

Lucki - Truth

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A new track from Lucki recently hit net, its a short one but its part of a continued path toward the release of his upcoming project. While its not clear if this song will be featured, but until the full project drops press play on "Truth".

Duke Da Beast & YTS Trigg - On Dat (Video)

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YTS Trigg and Duke Da Beast kicked off 2017 with a new project release, called "Still Trending", full of hard beats and catchy rhymes plus plenty energy. One of the standout songs featured on the project, "On Dat", demonstrated their flow together, trading line back and forth for a great track. Recently the video for that song hit the net and Duke and Trigg definitely bring the energy for the visual shot by Money Strong TV. Watch below.

Chief Keef - Get Sleep

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New Keef has hit the net, with a new project out, he's got a plan that also includes a tour. For this new release, he gets production from D Rich, for a song that bouncing in the speaker has Chief Keef rides the beat.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Martin $ky - That's Cool Too

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Martin $ky drops "That"s Cool Too", an echo-filled instrumental with sample vocals that gives off a soaring feel. 

Brian Fresco - Miracle

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Brian Fresco and Mano team up for a track titled "Miracle", the first record since the release of "Casanova" from Fresco.

Mpulse - I Got The Keys [Freestyle]

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Mpulse enters week 21, still on the journey to 52. He jumps on the DJ Khaled beat to deliver a rendition for "I Got The Keys".

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sunny Woodz ft. Mick Jenkins, Twista, & Supa Bwe - OnNat(Pull Up)

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Sunny Woodz enlists Twista, Mick Jenkins, and Supa Bwe for a new track called "OnNat (Pull Up)", produced by Whoarei. We can expect Woodz's next project, "Sunny Side Up 2", to impact later this year.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Jamal Science - Tryin' To Make A Dollar

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Jamal Science continues the 'Science Saturday' music series with the second release so far. He gets production from Bugsee, to deliver a song that's soothing on the ears but centers on real-life strife. Science expresses a perspective of frustration living within a place steeped in capitalism; because everybody gotta eat, cash rules, and the corner is calling, on "Tryin' Make A Dollar".

G Herbo & Lil Bibby - Blackin' Out

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When you think of G Herbo and Lil Bibby, I'm sure you think of at least two joint bangers the young emcees had together over their career. Even with their individual success the rappers still manage to reunite every so often to deliver something fresh for our ears. Today we have the most recent banger from the drill duo, "Blackin' Out" produced by DJ L. Be on the look out for more from G Herbo as he's prepping to drop his debut album.

AceSo - Papered Up

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AceSo's voice and delivery style combined with his production choice, often from C-Sick, makes for some good music to get in tune with. He's already dropped enough music for the later comers to catch up on, from multiple single, loose tracks, and video release to his last project "Sick La Familia". Today he returns with a new single from his upcoming project, getting production from C-Sick on "Papered Up". “Chiami Vice” is the next thing we can expect to hear from AceSo, stay tuned.

Dally Auston - 99¢ (EP)

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Before "Roses" hits the net Dally Auston decide to drop a another project, a prelude to the album with the appreciation for the fans in mind. This new EP, titled "99¢", plays a part in being connected to his earlier work, such as the song and video of he same name. With production from iLLeeT, Morimoto, Banks The Genius, and features from Brill, Austin Filmore, and Elton Aura, we are presented with a 8 track project that demonstrates some of work he's been creating and ready to put out. Stream below.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Na$im Williams ft. L's, Millay & Cam'ron - Want It All

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Na$im Williams made it plenty clear he intended to take his career to another level. With this new single we get to see what he's been working on to do just that. Today he drops off a single that grabs some voice from Harlem, Cam'ron, L's, and also Millay, delivering a song titled "Want It All".

Chris $pencer ft Drunken Monkeee - Bacon (Video)

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The duo comprised of Chris Crack and Vic Spencer returns with a new song and video. The duo gets production from Big Shepp and teams up with 119 Productions for the visual "Bacon". If you've every seen a movie that depicts jail scenes where the prison guard pit inmates against each other, well Chris $pencer flips the script in this video pitting two cops against one another in a pit fight. We can expect a new project from them, their sophomore project called "Blessed". Watch the video below.

Rich Jones - VEGAS (EP)

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When you bring the type of consistency that Rich Jones brings, combined with an effort to continuously improve his craft, you will surely garner the attention of a loyal base. He's been the guy that has found ways to keep things fresh as a rapper, taking the DIY route to make sure his career is in his hands. While we've come to know Jones as an emcee, for this new project he takes the pop route with an EP called "VEGAS". This is nowhere near unusual for him if we go back to our earliest coverage of the music, he delivered quite the melody on the song "Shadows".

For this new project, Rich Jones keeps it short, only giving listeners a playlist of four songs. He teams up with producer Ryan Lofty out of Las Vegas, who provided throughout the project a combination of mid to upbeat tempo track, mixed with piano keys to techno to drum filled beats. While Rich Jones doesn't deliver rap EP in any form this time, by the work he presents he isn't here to be boxed in. Stream below.

Saba - Monday to Monday

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Fresh off his fire freestyle on 'Sway in the Morning', Pivot Gang's Saba is keeping the flow going with his latest drop off, "Monday to Monday". Things are really looking up for the 22-year-old west sider who just announced his first headlining tour for his well put together Bucket List Project that dropped the end of last year. With all the accomplishments, Saba remains humble and explains his evolution and still let's his fans know that he's still working to achieve more on "Monday to Monday".

eGo Jaleel ft. Murph Watkins - Tesla

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For the first time, eGo Jaleel and Murph Watkins collaborate on a new song, with The25thHour on the production, called "Tesla". 

Cool Neighbors - June Fifth

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Black Matt and RMB Justize are back with a new track, called "June Fifth". They may be working on something new, possibly a project, but only time will tell.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Boy Illinois ft. Ben One - #1

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Ben One and The Boy Illinois join force to bring listeners a new track, getting production from Xcel, called "Number 1". 

Fredo Santana ft. Chief Keef - My Pistol Make Ya Famous

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Fredo Santana drops his first track of 2017 and links with none other than Chief Keef. It's been a minute since we heard something from the drill pioneer but it seems as if he might be planning to drop something in the upcoming months with this unexpected song "My Pistol Make Ya Famous".

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

L.A. VanGogh - Changed My Number pt 2

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Earlier last year L.A. VanGogh dropped the song "Changed My Number", as part of the duo safeNsound. The song put a focus on a situation where he ended up as an awkward funny story. Nearly a year later VanGogh drops part two of the song, handling the production himself, asking the question 'where are you now'. With this release, we get the name of his upcoming project, which will be titled "Everything Is Subjective".

Chi City - Way

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Chi City drops his first release of the year and its part of a weekly music series called "We Up Wednesdays". Press play on this new track that delves into how far he's come, from Chicago to chasing his dream in LA, on "Way".

Jimmy Regular Creates New Sketch Comedy Starring The Cool Kids

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Since reuniting as The Cool Kids, Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish have delivered multiple song releases, which include "Connet Four" and "Running Man". The duo reignited a fan base that shows an appreciation for the group. Recently Chuck Iglish tweeted about a possible album title "Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe", signifying that they've definitely been in the studio working. More news hits the net today, as the Cool Kids have now teamed up with Jimmy Regular for a sketch comedy called "Shit Show". Jimmy Regular was the directorial mind behind Sir Michael Rocks short film/music video "Alone", as well as Kembe X's "Attention Deficit Disorder", multiple Lucki videos, and plenty more Sir Michael Rocks visual , now he creates this show that we've yet to fully grasp just what it plan, but has peeked the blogosphere interest. Watch the trailer below.

Alex Wiley & Mike Gao - Village Party III: Stoner Symphony (Album)

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The album "Village Party" becomes a trilogy, with a third installment called 'Stoner Symphony'. While out in LA Alex Wiley continues to to raise his profile as a artist coming out of Chicago on a successful run. He put his hand in the Marijuana business, which there is not surprise to it just look at the album title. Wiley is a another example of a independence being a great route to take in a career where you're expecting to jump at the first sight of a big check from a label. With the release, we learn of Mike Gao's major role as the producer of majority of the album as well as handling the mix and mastering process.

'Stoner Symphony' is a 15 track project, that features Kembe X, Jay Prince, Mick Jenkins, and Jean Deaux. Joining for additional production is Phoelix, Hippie Sabotage, Telefresco, Swish, Losco, and Carson Weekly. Stream and download below.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Billy Early ft. Add-2 - Crown Royalty

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Kansas native Billy Early teams up with Add-2 for a new single called "Crown Royalty". These two emcees come together over production from Don P, dropping rap in true Hip Hop fashion on a mission to be the best.

Calez - Problematic (Video)

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With imagery that represents the greats of history, whether it be activist or artist as well as tragedies, Calez delivers the video for "Problematic. Prior to this release, we heard his latest project, titled "Baby", that seemed to symbolize a man who at the time was on his way to becoming a father. Watch the video below.

Mpulse - Wishful Thinking

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The unofficial duo of Mpulse and Keef Boyd are back at with a new record for the 52 week music series, dropping off "Wishful Thinking".

Ramaj Eroc - Introduction (High for Hours)

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Sometimes beats are made for more than one artist. In the case of J Cole's "High For Hours", record Ramaj Eroc fits nicely over the production. With his style, with a focus on the raps, Eroc delivers a thought filled rendition, as he introduces who he is to the newcomer and keeps the ears of the loyal fans.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Bebe O'Hare - Sneakin' Freestyle

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Jacking the Drake and 21 Savage record, "Sneakin", Bebe O'Hare puts her spin on it for her Monday music series. 

Qari & Mulatto - Space Jam (EP)

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After Hurt Everybody, Mulatto and Qari have moved forward as sort of an unofficial duo, continuing to deliver music. With the chemistry of being actual friends as a major connector, Qari's rap style and Mulatto's beats is a combination that provides some good vibes. Separately they've delivered plenty music throughout the year, but making sure to take the necessary time to create this EP. This new project has been labeled 'long awaited', but with so much music churning out on the internet, with much of it being cookie cutter, this project is right where it needs to be.

Ther's always been something about Qari super relaxed style of rap that I believe can catch you off guard. He's amassed a small but loyal fan base that never hesitates to drop a quote from his raps on social media. Last year he caught our attention with a super affectionate visual "Caterpillar, Butterfly", as one of our 'Top 28 Quality Videos Posted In 2016". Mulatto's production can be found all over CCHH, with credit alongside Alex Wiley, Lucki, Mick Jenkins, and more. He's working on his own solo project, and we know for sure Qari is featuring. Mulatto has an array of sounds he's dived into, from quick tempo track to smooth laid back vibes.

"Space Jam" holds a set of 6 songs, with features from Lucki and Sydny August, including single release "The Motions" and "Money Bitch".

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Qari - Money Bitch (Video)

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Last week Qari deliver the video and song "The Motions", a release that set in motion the campaign toward his upcoming project "Space Jam". Today he follows up with a new video, of course getting music production from Mulatto, co-producing it as well, presenting a red and blue overlayed visual called "Money Bitch", directed by Lonewolf. Watch below.

Jamal Science - Jesus!

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Science Saturdays? What better way to return to the fold, than with a music series of constant releases. Jamal Science is one of those guys who had the raps that put him on a path to become a notable emcee but then disappeared. January 14th, he returned with a new song, part aforementioned series, called "Jesus!".